Are You Last?

How often do you put yourself last?  Time after time I see a client who is dashing in after soccer, before ballet, and on their way to the grocery store.  Oftentimes they will rush into the office, lay down on the table, get their adjustment, and skip out before I can even say hello, never mind good-bye.   I always wonder, how stressed out must this person be?

As a father of four, with a super human wife, I completely understand how hectic life gets.  I try and help people realize that slowing down is not such a bad thing.  Sitting on ice in my office, while cold, is oftentimes the only part of someones day that is relatively sane.

Making time for yourself is crucial to your health.  Even the finest tuned race cars need down time.  You cannot keep pushing without something breaking down.  Trying turning off the radio while driving, grab a book and a comfy chair, how about a walk at lunch from your office, or how about scheduling that massage you have been putting off.

Your body doesn’t need much, just a couple of minutes a day for itself and you will see the effects for years to come.

PS. Need a massage therapist leave me a comment and I will set you up with a wonderful one, I have been seeing her for a couple of years and she is great.

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