Caffeine in Peanut Butter!

I know this will make me a little off from the norm, however, I am not a huge fan of caffeine.

I know, I know, you need it to wake up, get through the day, etc.

I’m sorry I don’t buy it.

Like anything else, it all started so innocently. A small cup of coffee or tea with a friend and now we are a country full of caffeine addicts.

Don’t believe me?

20 years ago a cup of coffee was 8oz. Today if it is less than 16 oz people think there is something wrong with it.

Now I know that the government says that 3 to 5 coffees a day is just fine, as long as you don’t add sugar and cream to it.

Please do not get me started on energy drinks that are marketed to kids.

Ever tried not drinking caffeine for a few days? It is not pretty. Within hours of not having your expected caffeine, you will start to get a headache. Go a few more hours and the irritability will start to creep up.  Depression and lethargy soon follow.

Does this sound like something that is good for you? If you decided to stop drinking orange juice would you have the same reaction?

Now that I have, hopefully, made a case for consuming less caffeine, there is a new product on the market for our consumption.

Caffeine peanut butter!

Caffeine peanut butter’s suggested serving size of 2 tablespoons has 5 times more caffeine than a can of soda. (You did know that soda has caffeine right?!?)

It has twice the caffeine of Red Bull.

US Senator Charles Schumer is calling for the FDA to investigate the peanut butter. His worry is the health risk that it poses, especially to children.

If you have to have caffeine, please be very careful in what products you choose to get it from. You may be consuming way more than you think.




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