You Probably Shouldn’t Do This

This is the first in a series of posts where I will be looking at things you probably shouldn’t do.

As a healthcare professional (no jokes please), it never ceases to amaze me the risks that some people will take. Apparently a couple of students in Dover NH didn’t realize that running electricity through your nipples could result in injury.

These future Mensa society members, on a dare, clipped electrical clamps from electrical demonstration cords onto one of the students nipples.It is fairly important to note that this “victim” is 18 years old.  When that was done, another of the students plugged the cords in and the student shocked himself so bad that his heart stopped.

The student was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with, among other things, an out of hospital electrocution resulting in cardiac arrest.

The parents of this student are suing the teacher claiming that the teacher was aware of this dare and did nothing to stop it.  I am not here to judge on the merits of the lawsuit, however, if you are attaching electrical clamps to your nipples and allowing someone to plug it in, aren’t you assuming most of the liability here?

Hopefully this young man will make a full recovery.

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