Welcome to Harrington Family Chiropractic, the home of the no appointment chiropractic clinic.

Our office phone number is 978-369-5055.

What Do You Mean You Don’t Do Appointments?

We have a walk in only clinic. If you go to the hours tab of the website and look at a particular day, if it says we are open come on over.

Every Doctors Office Requires Appointments.

Not us, keep reading!

How Did This Come to Be?

Many years ago, we received 14 phone calls in a 40 minute period from patients that were either running late or were asking to reschedule for later in the day or tomorrow. When the patients showed up they were stressed and apologizing profusely for running late for an arbitrary time. That night I said enough. We threw the appointment book away and haven’t looked back since.

Does it Work?

Does it ever. Our office is setup with flow in mind. It is an open concept that allows us to see people in a shorter period of time allowing you to get in, get out and get on with your day.

Can I Really Just Show Up?

Yes, if you go to our hours page and it says we are here, come over. You will be seen in that block of time.

This Sounds Too Good To Be True!

I can assure you that it is not, however, if you come to the office and we tell you we can’t see you, the next two visits are on us. In the eight years since we have threw the appointment book away, we have never had to give anyone the free visits!

How Do I Get Started?

Simple enough, come on over. If you would like to save a few minutes in the office, email us and we will send you over the first day paperwork. If not, come on over and you can fill the paperwork out in the office.