How to Not Face the Recession

The American Academy of Family Physicians just released a survey where almost 90% of 600 family doctors reported their patients have expressed concerns about paying their bills and 87% were showing up with more signs of stress since the recession had started.

Ok, fair enough people are worried, what is disturbing is what they chose to cut down on in order to save money.

  • 25% of their patients with gym memberships planned to cancel them
  • 42% planned to buy fewer fruits and vegetables

This couldn’t be a worse strategy.  Fast food, no exercise and stress all lead to heart attacks, stroke and obesity.  Please let me assure you that the paltry amount you are saving will be wiped out in one trip to the ER, or one hospital admission.  Check your insurance policy, I bet you are looking at at least a $500 co-pay for the ER and potentially even more if you are admitted, where costs can run $500 a day and up.

Imagine how much healthy food you could buy for $2000-$3000 that  a typical heart attack or stroke would cost you.  This is the definition of being penny smart but pound foolish.  Still worried, start a garden.  Seeds are cheap, water is cheap and dirt is plentiful.  Put some labor into it and you will have a harvest.

 Can’t afford the gym?  Try getting a home workout video from the library, or go for a walk.  Push ups, wall squats and sit ups don’t cost a thing.   Check with friends about used exercise equipment that is doubling as a coat hanger… me EVERYONE has these things sitting at home.  People will pay you to get rid of this stuff.

Now is not the time to cut back on the healthy things.  Now is the time to ramp them up.

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