If You Are a Doctor, Don’t Do This!

A woman in Tennessee went to the doctor complaining of lower back pain. You’ll never believe what the doctor said was wrong.

Apparently the woman had been to the office on multiple occasions, however, she had never seen this particular doctor before.

The doctor took her history, performed an exam, ordered x-rays and came back with a rather astonishing diagnosis….

Ghetto Booty!

The doctor, in a follow up letter once he found out the patient was very upset, explained to the patient that he wanted to take a technical conversation and make it less technical.

The technical conversation was going to go something like this, “You have a larger than normal curve in your low back which is making your buttocks protrude.”

Apparently the doctor felt that was too much for the patient. When asked to interviewed on camera he declined, however, he did leave us with this doozy…”I think I do understand why her feelings were hurt but I don’t understand what’s offensive about it.”

Doc, it might be time for a sensitivity class or two.

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