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As a father of four great kids, my wife and I have also had some experience with miscarriages.  After each miscarriage the doctors would tell us to wait six months before thinking about getting pregnant again.  A new study just released is shedding some light on when you should try to have another baby after a miscarriage.

Doctors in Scotland followed tracked close to 31,000 women who had a miscarriage in their first pregnancy and then became pregnant between 1981 and 2000.

The women who got pregnant within six months had a healthy baby 85% of the time. Consequently, women who waited more than two years to get pregnant again had a health baby 73% of the time.

For many years the World Health Organization has been recommending waiting six months after a miscarriage before getting pregnant again.  This belief was based on a study in Latin America where the women tend to get pregnant at a much earlier age.

As most people are aware, the older a woman gets the greater a chance there could be a miscarriage.  The general miscarriage rate is around 20% with that number going up to 30% for women over 40.

Shameless chiropractic plug here.  I have taken care of hundreds of pregnant and trying to get pregnant women and

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have learned this.  Please take care of your spine when trying to get pregnant and once you get pregnant.  A woman’s low and mid-back contain vital nerves for the ovaries, placenta and ultimately the baby.  Stress and strain on these nerves can lead to difficulty getting pregnant.  Once the woman is pregnant, these nerves are responsible for helping to nourish the baby.

Lastly, pregnancy nutrition is so very important.  Please remember to take your pre-natal vitamins and try to eat as healthy a diet as possible.

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