Monthly Contest

Congratulations to Julie from Lexington for getting the answers correct for last months contest.

The correct answers were:

  • What is the dot above the i called? … A Tittle
  • Which US state is closest to Africa … Maine
  • Which state is the most northern, western and eastern all at the same time, with bonus points if you knew why? … Alaska. As for the why, it has to do with the tiny islands that extend off the coast of Alaska. These islands, called the Aleutian Islands, cross the 180° meridian of longitude, placing some of the islands actually in the Eastern Hemisphere.


Julie wins a $25 gift card to Marshall Farm on Harrington Ave in West Concord.

Now onto this month’s questions:

  1. Where are the smallest bones in the body located?
  2. What substance is lighter as a solid than a liquid? It is the only one on earth?
  3. The ice cream cone was originally invented to hold what?

Seeing as it is spring, we are offering and we love it when people are outside, this month’s winner will receive a $25 gift card to Brine’s Sports in Concord Center!

Please leave a comment below to enter the contest, or you can always email us the answer here.

Good Luck!!!


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