Monthly Contest

Congrats to Karen from Waltham for winning last months contest. Last month’s questions and answers are below.

This month we are playing for a $25 gift card to Marshall Farm on Harrington Ave in West Concord.

The Questions

1. Which fruit has more anti oxidants than any other fruit or vegetable for that matter?

2. What are 12 or more cows known as?

3. I am an odd number, take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?

Click here to email us, or comment below to enter. Good Luck!

Last Month’s Questions and Answers

Let’s start with a math question… Use 4 9’s in a math equation that equals 100. (99+(9/9) =100!

What four letter sport is played all around the world and begins with a T? Golf, get it a tee!

What is the strongest muscle in the body? (Think small!) The jaw muscle.


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