No Appointments Really?

Back in the day, OK last year, I used to have patients make appointments.  With everyone as busy as a beaver the following would be a common occurrence in my office:

(Phone Rings) Hello Harrington Family Chiropractic

(Patient) Hi, my name is Linda and I am running 15 minutes late for my 10:00 appointment.  Is it OK for me to show up at 10:15 or should I reschedule.

(Looking in book) 10:15 is fine, we will see you then

(10 minutes later) Hi, it is Linda again, the traffic is much worse than I thought and I will now be there at 10:25 is that OK?

(Staff) Yes that is fine we will see you then.

Linda is stressed, the staff is stressed and all for what?  An appointment time?  It never made sense to me and a few years ago we decided to end the madness.

See we don’t think that you should be stressed out due to a perception that you are “late” for your appointment.  If the goal of my office is to take the stress off of you and your spine, walking in the door stressed due to your “lateness” is a terrible way to start your office visit.

I must admit that our office isn’t for everyone.  It is an open concept that allows us to see what is going on in the office from everywhere.  This allows us to see multiple people at once.  While someone is getting adjusted, another is stretching and yet another may be sitting on some ice.

Due to this openness we are able to run the office as a walk in style clinic.  We don’t worry about what time you get there and we certainly don’t want you worrying about what time you get here.  It makes for a pleasant way to get your spine taken care of.

The most asked question I get is, “Doc, what happens if 20 people show up at once?”  Well, I have never had that happen, however, if it starts too, I will hire more staff!  It will be a good problem to have.

As always, you can check my hours on the website.  If it says we are open, come on over.  If you are driving any distance I always recommend that you check with us to make sure we are there.  I would estimate that I am here 99% of the time that the hours say I will be, however, there are things that come up from time to time.

Currently our hours are as follows:

Mon, Tue, Thur—8-12 & 3-6:30

Wed, Fri—9-12

Weekends and after hours by appointment.

If you want to check to make sure I am in before you head over you can always email the office at or call us at 978-369-5055.

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