Slip Sliding Away



In the never ending saga that is winter here in the Northeast, we are now under siege from ice.  I got up this morning, slid across my driveway and thought, when will this end.

After walking across the ice in hundreds of hockey games, I would like to think I have learned a thing or two about how not to make tons of hockey parents giddy with joy while I am wiped out on the ice.

The key to walking on ice is to stay athletic.  What does that mean, you ask?  Keep your knees bent!  Do not walk tall when trying to get across a slippery surface.  If your center of balance shifts quickly, you are probably going down, so let’s avoid that.

The second key is to shuffle.  No big steps here. Slide your feet over the ground without making any big steps.

Lastly, keep your hands out for balance.

The slower you go, the better the chance you have for not slipping and falling.

If you are interested in putting things on your shoes to keep you from slipping the yaktrax really work well.  Any outdoor store will have them.

In the department of sometimes sprains are worse than breaks, sometimes a slip is worse than a fall.  If either one of these occur, please give the office a call so we can check your spine and keep you healthy.

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