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Exercise and Your Heart

March 27, 2014 No Comments

I read something once that said, “You can’t out exercise a bad diet.” I have to be honest, that one surprised me a bit. Growing up I was always told, as long as you exercise enough, you can pretty much eat what you want, within reason. Recently, the director of the Boston Marathon, a runner…

Case of the Month February 2014

March 12, 2014 No Comments

Case of the Month February 2014 Imagine you have been driving your 6 cylinder car on 4 cylinders and didn’t know it. Imagine you have been driving on 2 cylinders and didn’t know it. You bring the car to the mechanic for a flat tire and he discovers your problem. He makes the fix and you drive…

How Often Do You Say No?

March 11, 2014 No Comments

Do you have a hard time saying no? Do you feel guilty when you say no to the bake sale, spending time with people that you don’t really want to see, buying those girl scout cookies, donating money to charity or any one of the other million things that we get asked in a normal…

Keeping Your Balance

Let’s be honest, how often have you given your sense of balance any thought? If you are like most of us, never right? Did you know that falling is the number one source of injuries for people over 65? Every 17 seconds someone is seen in the ER for a fall. Every 30 minutes, someone…

Rotating Your Running Sneakers

I am always asking my patients that are serious runners if they change their shoes out every six months or so. It turns out I should be asking them a different question…are you rotating between two pairs of shoes all the time? In a groundbreaking study, researchers in Luxembourg looked at a variety of different things…

Case Study January 2014

Picture you are walking down the street and all of a sudden what’s up is down and what’s down is up. This is what it is like for people with Vertigo. Recently I had a woman come in, let’s call her Gertrude. Gertrude was incapacitated to the point where walking down the street was a…

Another Nail in the Soda Coffin

February 6, 2014 No Comments

As anyone that has come into my office in the last few years will attest, I am a nut for making sure you are drinking enough water. Water to your body, is like oil to your car engine. It makes everything run much more smoothly. With that said, the opposite of water in terms of…

Are Fevers Good for You?

January 21, 2014 No Comments

I had a mom in the office last week telling me that her 7 year old had a fever. I gave the child a high five and said that is awesome, your body is doing what it knows how to do. To say the mom was shocked at my reaction would be a slight understatement.…

6 Things You Must Do During a Snow Storm

As crazy as this sounds, I love the winter. I just don’t like what the winter can do to our bodies. The naturist in me, loves the snow, it blankets everything in white and is beautiful to look at. The chiropractor in me sees a lot of opportunity for people to hurt themselves. Here are the…

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