I'm Sorry, Oh Wait, I am a Doctor, I Can't Say That

Imagine if your loved one went into the hospital and passed away.  The Doctors tried everything that they could, yet, just couldn’t save this persons life.    If that doctor made a mistake saying sorry can be used against him/her in a malpractice lawsuit.

Currently there is a debate on Capital Hill as to whether or not doctors should be allowed to say sorry and not have it interpreted as an admission of guilt.

Let’s say your loved one had a stroke and the doctor knew there was a small chance to save her.  That doctor goes in and perfoms the procedure but unfortunately the patient dies anyways.  That doctor goes out to the family and says sorry, I tried to save Ethel’s life but the procedure didn’t work.   If that family decides to sue the doctor, the fact that they said sorry can be used against them.

I hope the lawmakers on the hill, who should have WAY more important things to worry about, use some common sense and allow doctors to express their sympathy without it hanging them in court.