Fitness Apps

As the entire world seems to be going mobile, if you are looking to lose weight, get in better shape or keep track of your diet; do not despair. There is an app for that!

As new apps are constantly being introduced I would like to cover a few of the most popular ones when it comes to your health. Best part of all? These apps are all free!

 Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation

If any of you have ever seen The Biggest Loser, you know that Jillian Michaels is a popular trainer with a great track record of getting people motivated to work out. Her app has easy to use videos that include stretching, calisthenics and free weights. There is also a section for running and tracking calories.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

One of the cool things about this app is that it is Canadian Based. Not sure how many calories are in that Tim Horton breakfast sandwich? This app has an extensive database that you can search. This app works best when you use it as a food diary, exercise tracker and diet coach. It currently boasts a database of over 425,000 food. If you are looking to lose weight, this app will flag how many calories you have remaining in order to meet your daily goal.

7 Minute Workout by Bytesize

This app offers a high intensity workout anytime, anywhere for free! This app will have you moving with 12 30 second long exercises with 10 second breaks between them. The only requirements are you, a wall and a chair. Perfect for anyone traveling that wants to stay in shape.

 Map My Fitness

Congrats that you are out running, walking or hiking. Ever wonder how far you went? This fitness app uses your phones GPS and maps out all of your fitness activities. It can calculate distance, pace, speed, duration, elevation and more.

Sit Up Straight and Drink More Water App

OK so I haven’t created this app yet, however, I should! Poor posture is one of the underlying biggest reasons people end up in pain. Sitting too long slouched over your laptop is no way to treat your spine. And don’t even get me started with text neck! A perfect break from sitting? Walk to the water cooler and do one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself…drink water!

With all of the information available today, there really is no excuse for not working out and watching your diet. As smartphone technology gets better and better, the only thing holding you back is you.

Take some action today, and get the ball rolling!!

5 Things Successful People Do Before 8 AM

I have to admit, I am a sucker for lists…27 ways to workout better…the 3 things you must know about the President…8 ways to save for retirement.

I don’t know what it is about them but if you write a list I am probably going to read it!

With that said, I came across one of my favorite list articles and thought I would share it with you, with my twist on it.

The 5 Things Successful People Do Before 8 AM:

1. Exercise. This is a no brainer. Honestly, short of your doctor telling you not to do it, there is no reason you aren’t doing something everyday. Do it in the morning…you are MUCH less likely to blow it off.

2. Map Out Your Day. Another way to say this is; begin with the end in mind. What do you want to accomplish today and map it out. Hint: start with excericse!

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast. I am not a huge eater in the morning. If and when I eat in the morning it is always protein based. That bagel, donut or danish will spike your blood pressure up, however, what goes up must come down. To avoid the 10am sugar crash, eat more protein in the morning.

4. Visualize. Much like #2, mental time in the morning is critically important. Add in a minute or two of meditation and see how much your mood improves

5. Make Your Day Top Heavy. Take a look at your list, and do the most unpleasant task first! Trust me, you will be empowered by this. Plus it won’t be hanging over your head all day, sapping energy from you


6. Drink Water. Get in the habit of drinking water by starting first thing in the morning. Two glasses before 8am gets everything lubricated and helps control hunger.

7. Go see your favorite chiropractor. What did you expect me to say?

Winter Blues

Here in the Northeast, the days have gotten short awfully quickly.  It is not unusual to go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  Mix that in with gray skies and no green/leaves on the trees and it is easy to slide into a funk.

Here are a couple of tips to help avoid the winter blues:

  • Accept winter for what it is and get out there and do something fun…the big thing around here is paddle…me I am dying to try curling.
  • Dress in bright colors.  Who said we have to go all drab?  Bust out the pastels, but please do us all a favor…those white pants weren’t working before Labor Day, nevermind after it…:)
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise…you simply can’t do enough of it.  Get out, get in, get moving.  Like to skiing, walking with snow shoes or hitting the elliptical will help fight off the blues.
  • Have friends over the house….nothing beats the blues like socializing.  Try this, get an outdoor fire pit, start a fire and invite people over to make smores…trust me there will be smiles everywhere.
  • Consider getting a chiropractic adjustment, what did you think I was going to recommend???  There are promising case studies out there linking the adjustment to better moods.

Lastly, make sure you are supplementing with Vitamin D.  The chief source of vitamin D is sunlight and when that goes away we can become deficient very quickly.

How do you fight the winter blues, please comment below.

Word of the Day: Telomere

Telomeres are the little white ends
What if I told you one of the most important words in your health vocabulary should be telomere.  Let me give you a quick definition and you should immediately understand what I am talking about.  A telomere is the end of a chromosome. These specialized structures are involved in the replication and stability of linear DNA molecules.


In all seriosness, anti aging experts now believe that telomeres may be the key to staying young and more importantly staying healthy.  What the experts now know is when the telomere shortens the cell it is living in dies.  This is important in that cell death can lead to serious disease as well as pre mature aging.

The experts are now focusing creating therapies to lengthen already shortened telomeres or even better yet, how to prevent them from shortening in the first place.

What have they found works well in preventing telomere shortening….Exercise.  Research shows that people who exercise have less erosion of their telomeres than people who are healthy but are not very active.

Last post I encouraged people to get out and vote.  This post I am encouraging you to just plain get out and get moving….your telomeres are depending on it.

How to Not Face the Recession

The American Academy of Family Physicians just released a survey where almost 90% of 600 family doctors reported their patients have expressed concerns about paying their bills and 87% were showing up with more signs of stress since the recession had started.

Ok, fair enough people are worried, what is disturbing is what they chose to cut down on in order to save money.

  • 25% of their patients with gym memberships planned to cancel them
  • 42% planned to buy fewer fruits and vegetables

This couldn’t be a worse strategy.  Fast food, no exercise and stress all lead to heart attacks, stroke and obesity.  Please let me assure you that the paltry amount you are saving will be wiped out in one trip to the ER, or one hospital admission.  Check your insurance policy, I bet you are looking at at least a $500 co-pay for the ER and potentially even more if you are admitted, where costs can run $500 a day and up.

Imagine how much healthy food you could buy for $2000-$3000 that  a typical heart attack or stroke would cost you.  This is the definition of being penny smart but pound foolish.  Still worried, start a garden.  Seeds are cheap, water is cheap and dirt is plentiful.  Put some labor into it and you will have a harvest.

 Can’t afford the gym?  Try getting a home workout video from the library, or go for a walk.  Push ups, wall squats and sit ups don’t cost a thing.   Check with friends about used exercise equipment that is doubling as a coat hanger… me EVERYONE has these things sitting at home.  People will pay you to get rid of this stuff.

Now is not the time to cut back on the healthy things.  Now is the time to ramp them up.