Football and Concussions

As a father of two football playing boys and a chiropractor, I have always been nervous about how much impact the boys were receiving to their heads when playing football. After looking at a bunch of different helmets I concluded that Xenith Football helmets offered superior protection to everything else on the market.

Apparently WGBH agrees with me as well.

League of Denial is a recently released documentary that Frontline produced and PBS released. In this documentary Frontline takes a look at what the NFL knew and when they knew it in terms of concussions. Frontline produced a document that in 1999 shows the NFL knew that football and dementia are linked.

Located in Lowell Ma, Xenith has developed a football helmet that is on the cutting edge of shock absorption based on an adaptive energy system that utilizes shock absorbers.

Please take a look at the video below and if your son is considering playing football or is already playing football, please consider having him use a Xenith helmet.

Lastly, if your son or daughter has had a concussion have them see their chiropractor. In my 16 years of practice, I have seen hundreds of kids post concussion and just about every one of them has said they felt significantly better after getting adjusted.