Is Your Cell Phone Killing Your Spine?

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In today’s ever changing technological world, our lives must be getting simpler with all of the cool new gadgets that we own.  Did you realize that the average house owns 2.5 cell phones and 1.25 Ipods?  How about the new netbooks and the cool looking Ipads that Apple came out with.

While all of these products are uber-cool, there is one drawback…they are tiny.  I mean crazy small.  If you have a current smart phone your screen is about 3.5″ across.  Try watching a music video on that.  How about spending a half hour checking and responding to email on your netbook.  The screen is tiny, the keyboard is tiny and you have to spend a ton of time hunched over to use it.

The problem with these devices is how you have to use them.  Let’s say you have a typical teen that sends 50-60 texts per day.  Have you ever watched them actually do this.  They hold the phone pretty much in their lap and text away.  Pay particular attention to their head and shoulders…head looking down and shoulders slouched look familiar?

When you bend your head forward, the position necessary to look down at your phone, you are taking the curve out of your neck.  This curve is crucial.  Research has shown that reducing the curve in your neck can lead to a whole host of problems, the least of which are pain and tension in the shoulders and neck.

If you or your teen are spending a ton of time on the phone texting, please raise the phone up closer to shoulder level, allowing your head to be in a more neutral position, thus protecting that curve in your neck.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Cell Phone Killing Your Spine?

  1. Thank you for this great post Doc,
    I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve walked into an adjustment room and find the patients texting. I smile and say “Did you know that texting is bad for your neck & back?” Most of the time the patient giggles at first, until I explain some of the exact same things that you’ve posted here.

    Paul Schiffman D.C.
    West Palm Beach, FL.

  2. Hey Doc, isn’t it wild…I have an open adjusting area and watch people sit all hunched over reading their Blackberry all day. I always get a chuckle from people when I ask them if they were sitting in their cardiologist’s office would they be eating a bucket of fried chicken?

    Thanks for the comment

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